It’s me, Maša.

Through simplicity and a touch of Mangala, I create everyday essentials for everywhere you go. I create your favorite hoodie. Your everyday shirt. Your must-have pants. And always with my core values: Simplicity, comfort and a Mangala twist.

For me, Mangala has everything to do with my evolvement through life. Where I was 10 years ago, when I started, where I am today, who I was, how I lived, what I found inspiring, until this very moment. I love to wear comfortable, simple things, with a twist. Little details you don’t see afar. Asymmetry. Big hoods. Contrasts. Rock’n’roll badass and innocently lovely. Hard and soft. Leather and lace. Laidback and sexy. Conservative and free. And how I feel is how I create.

The clothes are laid-back, playing with materials, shapes and asymmetry, details and handpaint.Each piece is designed for a unique look on our everyday essentials.

You can contact me at masa.zupancic@mangala.si .

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