I know it’s April. I know it’s spring and everybody is in expectance of warmer days, wearing nothing but a T-shirt and sunglasses. And of course some pants, duh. 🙂 But where I live, surrounded with mountains, it’s often colder than in the city and it’s often windy in the spring time, due to the snow in the mountains. That being said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m often cold, so I’m inventing all kinds of pieces of clothing that you can wear all year through. This knitted cardigan is one of them. I wanted to create something that looks like a fashionable piece of clothing, that it gives that certain special touch to the whole outfit, as well as being practical as it can be. Wearing something too mundane? No worries, I have just a perfect piece to make it all come together. Windy? No prob, I’ll put on this piece of knitted blanket. Feeling alone? Don’t, I have something warm and fuzzy to hug. You see, I’m striving to create pieces for every weather, season, mood and opportunity. 🙂

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