Let me tell you a story

Mind, body and soul. They actually like each other and work together pretty well if you let it.

About 15 years ago my first yoga attempts started. I wanted to change my workout regime, since my usual bodypump workouts weren’t exactly soothing for my twisted spine. So yoga it is. I had a vision of it like you see in the movies, looks so fancy and refreshing. But instead it was completely boring, slow and far too spiritual for me at that time. I couldn’t bear it.

A few years later, I couldn’t handle myself anymore. I was everywhere, doing everything, my mind was all over the place. I felt the desperate need to stop, and I didn’t know how. My sister had a workout studio at that time and suggested I try yoga again. Agh, okay. I was desperate, it couldn’t hurt. Worst-case scenario, I die out of boredom. It was very hard for me to go, but I went, and… it was absolutely wonderful. It all just clicked. The teacher was inspiring, the workout was uplifting and dynamic, I could hear my thoughts again, and everything started making sense again. I know I sound a bit dramatic, but that is exactly how I felt. I finally understood what yoga was about.

Ever since it became my daily routine. It became my inspiration even in clothing designs. How can I make clothes that are fitted for yoga, but you can also wear during the day on different occasions? Clothes that are designed not only for workouts, but look sports casual and fresh at all times? Ha, I think I got it. I just opened another chapter in my online store, dedicated to yoga, called YOGA LINE, duh. But now that you know this story and follow my clothing designs, it will all start making sense.

Yoga, everyday life and people are the endless fountain of inspiration. But you gotta keep it simple. 🙂

‘Til next time :*

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