There is certain hype in buying yourself something new. Whether it’s about a new piece of clothing, a new parfume, a new handcreme. You get a bit hyped about it and you feel like rewarded yourself with something pretty and new. But after a certain time, that “happiness” and hype fade. And you get tired of same old boring stuff you own. Which is a shame, because your clothes are practically unused, good as new. What now? Well you know what, I have an idea. You can refresh your closet by sending me a Mangala product which you don’t wear anymore and I give you 20% of the product’s value on you tab, so you can buy yourself A BRAND NEW ITEM for MUCH LESS.

Here’s how:

1. Write me on, Mangala’s FB account ( ) or Mangala’s IG account ( ) and let me know what you want to give away

2. I’ll give you the address where to send the item(s) to and calculate how much money you get on your tab

3. You can order a new product whenever you feel like it, it doesn’t have to be right away

4. On your next order, you get a discount by the money you have on your tab (example: The product you want to give away, cost 74.90eur when you bought it. After you send your product back to Mangala, you get 20% of the price on you tab, in this case, you get 15eur on your tab. When you order the next item, your total cost is reduced by 15eur)

And that’s it.

The ONLY CONDITION is that the product you’re giving away/back needs to be in GOOD CONDITION. It doesn’t matter if there are some loose stitches, maybe even if the fabric has a tiny hole ( you’ll have to send a photo), but it really matters if the fabric is still in good shape, if it’s looks new or tired.

Where does the item that is given away, travel to next? It’s fixed or maybe remodelled and then given back to second hand. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 🙂

P.s. : That 20% of the product’s value is given only on your tab for your next order and it is not given back in money.