Mangala Active Asana

Mangala Active Asana is a new form of workout, created by Mangala.

It’s a combination of yoga and pilates. Basically it’s a complete workout, designed for people who love and need yoga for their body, mind, soul, posture and health, but also crave a bit of motion and action. There are also touches of pilates, which helps to understand how to control your body with every move. Workout brings a lot of self awareness, training of the mind, body sculpting and new lengths of your own flexibility of body and eventually mind.


TOREK 17.00 -17.45

PETEK 10.00 – 11.00


Ob sprotnem plačilu je cenik:

EN OBISK 45min….. 8 eur

EN OBISK 60min….. 10 eur

Ob nakupu mesečne karte je cenik:

1x TEDEN 45min…… 30 eur/ mesec

2x TEDEN 45min…… 60 eur/ mesec

1x TEDEN 60min…… 38 eur/ mesec

2x TEDEN 60min…… 75 eur/ mesec

INDIVIDUALNA VADBA 60min……. 28eur/h

Na vsako vadbo se je potrebno prijaviti in sicer na ali na 051 212 350, kontakt Maša.

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